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The Canadian Botanical Association

The Canadian Botanical Association (CBA/ABC)serves as the national organization for botanists in Canada, including professional botanists at universities, colleges, schools, government and industry as well as students, technicians and amateurs. The association represents Canadian Botany and botanists in matters of local, national and international importance. The preservation of botanically significant natural areas is of special interest. Read more...




News, Events and Announcements

Workshop Proposal: Canadensys new research initiatives

CBA-ABC Annual Meeting 2015: Plant Canada & Botany 2015 - July 25-29, 2015 Edmonton, Alberta



Annual Meeting 2015


Plant Canada


Botany 2015





More News, Events and Announcements........

Canadian Journal of BotanyBotany

(Formerly Canadian Journal of Botany)



The members of the society receive the CBA/ABC Bulletin, the only nation-wide publication that disseminate current information on Canadian Botanical Science and Canadian Botanists, may attend the annual meeting that serves as a vital forum for the exchange of botanical ideas and information, contribute to the development of position papers that are united and authoritative voice on matters of concern to Canadian Botanists, have the opportunity to participate in efforts to facilitate research activity in Botany contributing to the advancement of the science in Canada, can subscribe to NRC Research Press journals at a reduced rate. Membership Application Forms


The Lawson Medal

Mary E. Elliott Award

Awards for Students:



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