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The Canadian Botanical Association

The Canadian Botanical Association (CBA/ABC) serves as the national organization for botanists in Canada, including professional botanists at universities, colleges, schools, government and industry as well as students, technicians and amateurs. The association represents Canadian Botany and botanists in matters of local, national and international importance. The preservation of botanically significant natural areas is of special interest. Read more...




Position Papers

Global Change

Transplanting and seeding as a means of preservation

Response to Canada's Fundamental Science Review

Canada's Fundamental Science Review

Government of Canada Final Report @ Sciencereview.ca


News, Events and Announcements

We are accepting nominations and applications for the 2020 CBA awards. Deadlines for submission are 28th February, 31st March, 15 April 2020.

We are excited to be holding the CBA/ABC 2020 Annual Meeting at Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, May 31 to June 4. We are now accepting abstracts for the meeting, deadline for abstract submission extended to 6th March. Registration now open, early bird deadline 15 April!

CBA-ABC 2017 Video & Pictures


Stop, smell the roses and pay attention to plants 

Frédérique Guinel


Fascination of Plants Day


Dr. Santokh Singh's laboratory at UBC celebrates Fascination of Plants Day on 18 May 2016



Chlorofilms - plant videos on YouTube

Chlorofilms - plant videos on YouTube


VASCAN-the Database of Vascular Plants of Canada

More News, Events and Announcements........

Canadian Journal of BotanyBotany

(Formerly Canadian Journal of Botany)



Membership Application Forms

The members of the society receive the CBA/ABC Bulletin, the only nation-wide publication that disseminate current information on Canadian Botanical Science and Canadian Botanists, may attend the annual meeting that serves as a vital forum for the exchange of botanical ideas and information, contribute to the development of position papers that are united and authoritative voice on matters of concern to Canadian Botanists, have the opportunity to participate in efforts to facilitate research activity in Botany contributing to the advancement of the science in Canada, can subscribe to Canadian Science Publishing journals at a reduced rate.

Inclusion and Diversity Statement

The CBA/ABC represents Canada's researchers and scholars in the plant sciences from various disciplines including ecology, genomics, classification, development, and teaching. CBA/ABC provides formal, expert, peer-reviewed and credible input to national, provincial and local governments on matters pertaining to botany. In executing its mission, CBA/ABC confirms its will to foster a culture of inclusivity and equity in all of its activities. These include but are not limited to participation to conferences, equitable representation in major symposia, eligibility of prizes, bursaries and awards, and memberships. CBA/ABC is pleased to welcome and encourages participation by members regardless of gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion or age.


2019 Call for award nominations and applications

The Lawson Medal

Mary E. Elliott Award

Magister Teaching Award

Awards for Students:

·         Laurie Consaul Northern Research Scholarship award is open to all undergraduate or graduate students who will be undertaking their field research in Botany in the northern regions (north of 60o) of Canada in the upcoming field season.

·         Lionel Cinq-Mars Award for the best oral presentation by a student as a contributed paper at the CBA/ABC Annual Meeting.

·         Iain and Sylvia Taylor Award for the best student poster presented at the CBA/ABC Annual Meeting.

·         Luella K. Weresub Memorial Award for the best paper in Fungal Biology.

·         Taylor A. Steeves Award for the best paper in Plant development, Structure or Morphology.

·         Porsild-Consaul Award for the best paper in in Systematics and Phytogeography.

·         J. Stan Rowe Award for for the best paper in Plant Ecology

·         John Macoun Travel Bursary to provide partial financial assistance for travel to the Annual Meeting to a student (or students) presenting a paper or a poster.

·         Keith Winterhalder Undergraduate Travel Award to a student presenting a paper or a poster at the CBA/ABC Annual meeting.

·         Undergraduate Student Regional Awards for the best presentation by an undergraduate student in the discipline of Botany at one of the major regional undergraduate conferences in Biology.