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J. Stan Rowe Award

This award was established to celebrate the life and work of Stan Rowe, eminent Canadian Plant Ecologist.  Applications from students who published a paper in plant ecology should be sent the chairs of the Ecology Section of the Canadian Botanical Association.

Student award winners receive a one year membership in the Canadian Botanical Association, along with a 500$ prize

The Judging Committee reserves the right to make no award if submissions are not considered of sufficiently high quality, or to share the award between two applicants if their papers appear to be of equal merit.  The winner will be notified, and the award will be presented during the Annual Meeting of the CBA, the winner is encouraged to attend.

The Treasurer of the CBA will be pleased to accept donations (tax-deductible) to the fund which finances these awards.  Please publicize these awards as widely as possible and contribute to the capital fund if you can afford to do so.


Criteria of the award:

-        Subject related to plant ecology – Canada

-        Important field component

-        Based on work done within a graduate degree

-        Published within 2 years of graduation

-        The paper must have been published during the year preceding the annual meeting of the CBA/ABC

-        Students do not have to be CBA members to be eligible.

-        No candidate may submit a paper for more than one CBA award.


To apply submit following information to the Ecology Section Chair

-        CV including current address and email

-        Letter of presentation highlighting your role in the study and paper, with supporting letters from the other authors;

-      Letter of support from your supervisor indicating that the work was undertaken as part of a graduate program;

-      A copy of the paper or proof of the paper plus a letter from the editor of the journal stating that the paper is in press within the eligible publication date.


[Approved by the Ecology Section of the CBA/ABC on July 29th 2015]