Application Guidelines for Student Paper Awards

AwardsApplication Guidelines for Student Paper Awards
  1. All students who have graduated from or are currently enrolled in a Canadian university, or Canadian students who have studied abroad are eligible.
  2. These awards are for work published while the author is still a student, or based on work done while a student and published within two year of graduation. This makes allowance for students who do not publish until after thesis (graduate or undergraduate) completion and normal publication delays.
  3. Students do not have to be CBA members to be eligible for Student Paper Awards.
  4. No candidate may submit a paper for more than one award.
  5. The paper must have been published during the year preceding to the CBA/ABC annual meeting. Papers published late and therefore not available as a reprint for the current deadline will also be considered eligible.
  6. Joint papers must be accompanied by a statement on university letterhead, signed by all the authors, estimating responsibility of each author for:
    1. the ideas that lead to the initiation of the project;
    2. he actual research skill demonstrated
    3. the writing of the manuscript
  7. All application should include of the following:
    1. A PDF of the paper (or proof of the paper plus a letter from the editor of the journal stating that this paper is in press with publication date);
    2. the candidate’s curriculum vitae including current address and e-mail information;
    3. a statement indicating that the student is currently enrolled in a degree program, or has completed such a program during the calendar year for which the award is to be made (except for extenuating circumstances with respect to timing of publication as outlined above in (2).
    4. a statement from the supervisor, the student and any co-author establishing responsibility for the paper as outlined above in (6)
  8. Student award winners receive a one (1) year complementary membership of the Canadian Botanical Association.
  9. The judging committee reserves the right to make no award if submissions are not considered to of sufficiently high quality, or to share the award between two applicants if their papers appear to be of equal merit. The winner will be notified, and the award will be presented during the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Botanical Association.
  10. The Treasurer of the CBA will be pleased to accept donations (which are tax-deductible) to the fund which finances these awards. Please publicize these awards as widely as possible, and please contribute to the capital fund if you can afford to do so.
  11. Applications and supporting documents must be received by the Section Chair (or Chair of the judging committee) responsible for the award on or before the deadline.