John Macoun Travel Bursary

AwardsJohn Macoun Travel Bursary

This cash award, first presented in 1986, was established to provide partial financial assistance for travel to the Annual Meeting to a student (or students) presenting a paper in the Lionel Cinq-Mars competition or a poster in the Taylor competition. In 1988 the Bursary was named in honour of John Macoun (1831-1920), who was official botanist on five major Canadian expeditions and was, in 1881, appointed Botanist to the Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada. He was also a member of the Botanical Society of Canada (1860-62) and was a founding fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. In the words of the motion presented in 1987 by Bill Crins, “his contributions to the development of Canadian botany through his extensive travels and collections, scholarship, and teaching, over his long career, make him an eminently appropriate namesake for our travel bursary”.


The competition for the Macoun Travel Bursary is open to student members of CBA. Students must present a paper in the Lionel Cinq-Mars Award competition or a poster in the Taylor Award competition at the CBA/ABC Annual Meeting. No student may receive more than one travel bursary while registered for the same degree.


  1. Students applying for the Macoun Travel Bursary must do so no later than the submission deadline for abstracts to the Annual Meeting.
  2. The application must contain the following documents:
    A copy of the abstract of the paper to be given at the Annual Meeting in the Cinq-Mars Competition; A supporting letter from the student’s supervisor of research that also includes a statement that the student is engaged in a M.Sc. or Ph.D. program; The student’s curriculum vitae (one page); A letter of recommendation from a member of the student’s research committee (not the Supervisor);
  3.  Applications should be sent to the President of CBA/ABC